About us?

Recircular is the result of the passion and enthusiasm of the team that makes it possible. We believe in a collaborative world, we believe in contributing our grain of sand to save the planet and we do it for and by the people who live on it.
Recircular is born from the conviction that this is necessary, but above all, possible.

Patricia Astrain

Founder and Director

After many years staining my hands in industrial settings and after an intense stage in China realized that I wanted to do something important that would help change things. recircular born out the reflection on how to introduce sustainability and social innovation in industrial settings, as an project exciting and demanding with which I wanted to reinvent many things, including myself. A thousand thanks to all who make it possible!

Eva Ruiz

Data communication and analysis

I have always had a passion for ethics and the environment. When I lived in Berlin I realized that I wanted to combine years of work in the field of market research and digital analysis with ethical issues, sustainability and environment, so I can dedicate my time to causes that really matter to me and that can mark the difference in the world. The result? You will see this in everything we do here recircular.

Alex Arribas

Software developer

The world has changed very fast in the recent years and I am confident that with every click of my computer I can get it to leave something better than it was. recircular does just that and challenges me to get a platform different from the existing ones with functionality and potential that it had not been able to develop until now.

Our capacity for change is measured by the collaborators we have ...

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