RECIRCULAR is a start-up that helps companies give a second life to their waste, generating economic savings and social benefits and environmental.

In recircular we cover the information and connection needs that companies demand: we report on opportunities to enhance waste and we connect them with the necessary agents to give them a second lifetime. Furthermore, we measure the impact generated by the recovery of waste.

We have been carrying out specific projects for companies for more than 2 years, from multinational social foundations, in which we have worked with a large variety of waste that ended up in landfill or incinerated as it did not have a clear solution. Now we have launched our online platform in which We digitize the entire waste recovery process.

At recircular we work to introduce sustainability and innovation in industrial environments ... but really. We have decided to do it starting with waste because we consider it the easiest and most tangible way to introduce companies to the circular economy and to understand its value. Generating social and environmental value does not have to be expensive, but can also generate benefits.

Industry and business are a necessary pillar on the road to a more sustainable world and we want to do our bit to involve them. It is essential that companies join the Circular Revolution and we are convinced that we will achieve this by giving a second life to their waste, by-products and production surpluses.

Here at recircular we analyze the characteristics and composition of the waste presented to us and investigate to determine opportunities to reuse it. We identify both direct reuse opportunities and technology and intermediate processes (mechanical or manual) necessary to adapt the waste to its second life.

For some of these intermediate processes, our objective is to collaborate with social entities that generate employment opportunities for vulnerable groups. In this way we want to generate a greater social impact.

We also collaborate with other agents, companies and organizations that allow us to offer the most complete service possible to our users.

Our online platform is an automatic system in which companies can independently inform and connect. Our users, once registered and accepted in the system, can register the waste, by-products or production surpluses and materials in stock (resources, for us) that they have available. The algorithm developed informs about the identified valuation opportunities and automatically connects with other companies that are potential consumers. It also calculates the potential impact of the different options and we connect all the necessary agents within the system.

We have created the space to request a sample, communicate and make the payment. At the end of the sale transaction, the system calculates the environmental, social and economic impact generated by the valuation. To do this, we have developed our own impact measurement methodology, which we will discuss later. Users can download impact reports with data such as reduced CO2 equivalent emissions, water footprint, and energy demand. Those reports can be used for meeting CSR, circular economy, non-financial reporting, green marketing, and other objectives.

We are an impact Startup, and what we do has to be a tool to contribute to a better world. We want to generate an economic, environmental and social impact, measure it and report on it.

To do this, we have developed our own impact measurement methodology. We have had to do it, since there are currently no tools to measure the impact of what we do in recirculating. However, we have relied on internationally recognized methodologies such as Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), which we have adapted to the recirculation situation. Through LCA we obtain indicators such as the carbon footprint, water footprint, accumulated energy demand and improvement of human health.

The objective of this methodology is to be in constant evolution and updating in order to improve as we generate data, we have the opportunity to develop specific impact measurement projects or other indicators or methodologies come out on which we can base ourselves to improve.

We want to provide the best impact measurement service possible within the world of waste recovery. Due to this constant evolution, it is possible that at certain moments of development not all the indicators are available for the three impact areas: economic, environmental and social.

It means that we have to authorise users who can operate within the platform. We do this initially in order to give a better response to registered users. For this reason, we select specific companies to which we can add value through the valorisation of their waste, by-products or excess materials. At first, any business that generates waste or excess materials or wants to acquire secondary raw materials. Also waste management companies, transportation businesses and recyclers will be able to access this beta phase.

We also look to close agreements with different organisations:

  • Public administration: cities or autonomous communities that want to be pioneers in the application of clear circular economy actions and who want to map the available resources.

  • Industrial areas with an interest in enhancing the connection between their companies.

  • Business associations that want to offer innovative services to their associates.

  • Private companies with an interest in the digitisation of the waste in their value chain, different locations,..

Being in beta phase we need to control a little more the profiles of companies with which we can work to always give you the best service. As soon as we launch the commercial phase and we can open the access to any type of user, we will do so.

We work in a B2B environment of companies for which it is important to know that they are working with other companies or individuals. For this reason, we need to build trust among users and request certain data to achieve it.

On the other hand, we offer an information and connection service for companies through our algorithm. This service must be fed with certain data in order to offer adequate information for the type of resource registered and also to connect you with the appropriate companies. We could not do this without requesting certain standard data that allows us to categorize the resources and the company profile.

We work with all kinds of waste! We may not initially have information on all types of resources, but our goal is to be multi-sectoral and span as many sectors, resources, and businesses as possible, even the smallest.

Therefore, if you can't find the information you need, let us know! We will do everything possible to cover your sector as soon as possible.

We are an impact startup, but not a non-profit. We work on a triple balance basis to generate environmental and social value, but also economic, as we believe that the three pillars are necessary for long-term sustainability.

We generate financial savings in waste management and in the acquisition of secondary raw materials, so we consider it fair to charge for the service we offer to keep the system running and to generate more and better content, opportunities and impact measurement indicators. .

We work with organizations of all kinds to generate opportunities that benefit both parties. We seek to collaborate with production companies, industrial estates, business associations, public administrations, waste managers, technology providers, social entities that can carry out intermediate processes for waste and any organization with which we can generate synergies.

If you want to collaborate with us, write to us! We will be happy to talk and explore possibilities for collaboration.