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At recircular, we give a second life to companies' waste, by-products and excess materials, helping to reduce costs for both waste management and the purchase of secondary raw materials, and creating a positive social and environmental impact.

Reduce costs purchasing secondary raw materials

Do you want to reduce the costs of your raw materials and generate environmental and social benefits? Find here the secondary raw materials you need!

Lote 1990 Bandejas Usadas Encajables 57 x 42 x 9 cm

Material usado

2.25 € / Unit
Available 1990 Units

Exceso producción

70 € / Unit
Available 10 Units
Molino de bolas marca Christian Pfeiffer

Equipo Industrial

150000 € / Unit
Available 2 Units
Corcho en polvo.
Bajo en stock


0.95 € / Kg
Available 20000 Kg
Arena de fundicion


1 € / T
Available 5000 T
Caja Usada Norma Europa Amarilla 40 x 60 x 23 cm

Material usado

6.50 € / Unit
Available 200 Units
Alfombras usadas
Bajo en stock

Material usado

1 € / Unit
Available 20 Units
Liner protector cinta adhesiva (HDPE)

Exceso producción

1.10 € / m³
Available 1 m³

Sell your company's excess materials

Do you want to reduce your waste management costs? We want to help you give them a second life!

Bagazo de cerveza

In the recircular platform you can enter information about any waste, by-product or excess production of your company.

Our algorithm allows you to identify valuation opportunities for them and connects you with other companies that are potential consumers.

We help you give them a second life and generate benefits!